In order to use simpleapi, you must have Python and at least django or Flask installed. If you’re using Python <= 2.5 you have to install simplejson by:

pip install --upgrade simplejson

Python >= 2.6 contains a built-in json module which already fits our needs.



You can either install a stable version of simpleapi from PyPI using easy_install or pip:

easy_install -U simpleapi


pip install simpleapi


If you’re brave you can use the latest development version:

git clone git://

Please consider yourself warned: The bleeding edge version might contain bugs, new features, backward-incompatibility issues and more problems you might not think of.

Manual Setup

If you don’t like one of the easy ways to install simpleapi, you can also download the latest version of simpleapi from GitHub as an tgz or zip file.

To install simpleapi on your computer, unpack the compressed file and run:

python install

Depending on your system’s configuration, you must be an administrator to install simpleapi.

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