Limitations and work-arounds

JSON and datetimes

By default, JSON does not support datetimes as a data type. simpleapi takes care of this automatically and converts any datetime, date and time objects to a special format which is supported by JavaScript’s Date-object.

If your Namespace method returns a datetime like:

datetime.datetime(2010, 6, 2, 12, 0, 35, 377674)

simpleapi will converts this into the following string representation:

Wed Jun  2 12:00:58 2010.

In JavaScript you can simply create a Date-object by passing the converted string to the constructor like this

new Date("Wed Jun  2 12:00:58 2010")

The Date-object will parse the string and convert it.

Between both the simpleapi server and the Python client working with datetimes is absolutely seamless and transparent. As seen the server will convert the datetime into a string representation and the Python client (unfortunately not the PHP client yet) will detect this string representation and will convert it back into appropriate datetime, date and time objects.

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